One of my most proudest moments was having my illustrations published in this lovely Evergreen Medal book winner.  I was asked to create illustrations that portrayed actual events and thoughts from the author.  These characters were to bring happy visuals to the reader to "lighten the mood" of a very serious and difficult subject.  The author, a breast cancer survivor, tells her story of how and why she started her long journey to learn about all the toxins that surround us.

Little Changes Book Cover

Created "shopper girl" illustration for book cover.

Inside Book Cover

[ original Illustrations by me! ]

Mom Protects Children

Illustration: Mom Protects Children

Child Swings w/ Chicken

Illustration: Child Swings w/ Chicken

Mom Skate w/ Daughter

Illustration: Mom Skate w/ Daughter

Mom Fish in Water

Illustration: Mom Fish in Water

Mom Flower Child

Illustration: Mom Flower Child

Mom Thinking...

Illustration: Mom Thinking...

Moms Creating Safe Products

Illustration: Moms Creating Safe Products

Bug Spray Chemicals

Illustration: Boy Bug Sprayed Chemicals

Bad Stuff

Illustration: Bad Stuff in our Products

Mom as Annie Oakley

Illustration: Mom as Annie Oakley, Pioneer